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For the Karemy Family

Our favorite part of what we do isn't when we win the big shows, when a new litter of puppies is born, or getting to pick out a puppy of our own from a new kennel. While those are exciting moments that we love, our favorite part is getting to hear back from families who have adopted our puppies. It makes all we do worth it. We welcome the late night births, the hourly feeding schedule, the runs up to the vet for ultrasounds, and the messes we clean up. We do it over and over again just, so we can see the pictures of our puppies in their new homes, making a difference just by being themselves.

So, from the Jackson family to all of our extended Karemy family, thank you for giving our puppies their forever home.

"I got Belle from you in May of 2016, she is from Kodie/Sophie and was a singleton. I want to thank you for providing me with such a spectacular dog! Getting Belle saved my life as I was struggling with PTSD. She is a true blessing. I am so thankful I found you. Wishing you the best on your relocation!" 

-Belle's family

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"Ever since Jon and I moved to Seattle and got married I wanted a yellow lab of my own. I had left my roommate’s yellow lab in TN in our move and had said goodbye to my childhood yellow lab a few years before that. I was ecstatic when I found out our first rental in Seattle allowed dogs and then devastated when they discriminated against labs (for chewing) and said no. We bought our first house 2 years later and had our Roo-doo in sight 3 months later (born Aug 2016). He’s gone on all our outdoor adventures ever since then (although they have been limited this past year after having Harper).

He is the most handsome dog we have ever seen and don’t care if we’re biased in any way. We can thank the Kodie and Denali genes for that!"

-The Rhea family

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"Gemma and I are starting the process to be a certified crisis response therapy team thru HOPE AACR. Once we get a year or two under our belts I’ll be ready for a puppy. I can’t thank you enough for doing what you do. I get so many compliments on Gemma’s disposition and lack of reaction to everyday things. She’s the dog all the other dogs look to for cues when we are out and about on the job. She and you all have been an incredible blessing in my life. ❤️"

-The Urakawa family


"We got Gracie 6 years ago this Dec. and want to thank you for the beautiful dogs you breed. Gracie is a handful (Kodie/Sweet Pea) and is extremely smart and loves people. When we take her shopping, she's always looking for eye contact from other people and once they give it to her, look out. She runs to them and demands loving which always make people smile. We haven't been to a reunion yet, but now of course, we will have to attend. Best wishes and God's blessings on your new home and new venture."
-The Griffin Family


"After our lab of 14 years passed away we were heartbroken and missed the love a good dog brings a family so we went in search of breeders. Karemy was blessing! Not only did we get a great dog but we also got a great community! We look forward to getting more puppies from Karemy in the future!"

-Gillson Family & Yeti


"My husband and I have had many labs in our lifetime. We got Luna in 2018 and then got her brother in 2019 (same parents different litters). Luna and Lockett are the sweetest, most trainable, and smartest labs we have ever had. They are a huge part of our family and have adapted to our lifestyle even with having 2 young kids. Luna is in the process of becoming a therapy dog and we hope to do the same with Lockett once he is old enough. When we have friends or family over they are always complementing us on how well behaved Luna and Lockett both are. They have wonderful a temperament and are  also excellent with children of all ages. When our daughter was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, Luna would stay close to our daughter and slept in her bed every night without being told to. Luna brought so much comfort and reassurance to our daughter.W e couldn’t imagine our lives without them."

-The Romero Family


"We got our first Karemy Lab in April 2016 we had just moved into our new house and we had put a deposit on her before we moved into our house. She was born on Valentine’s Day and her name is Jersey Valentine and we love her so much. We went through all the training and she earned her canine good citizen award advanced. She’s just a good all-around dog and we love her so much. In the beginning of 2018 we decided we needed another puppy so Jersey would have a buddy. We choose to get a black lab this time and she was born on May 15th 2018. We named her Georgia and we got her on July 4th 2018. We love her so much too! There Is something special about Karemy labs. We know it’s the care and the love that they receive from the family that makes them such great dogs. We love both of our girls so much and we couldn’t thank Kathy and Jeremy and family enough for the love and care they pour into each family that is lucky enough to get one of their beautiful puppies. The love and care they pour into each and every single dog also is what makes them such great dogs. Thank you so much! We will buy another one when our precious babies leave our lives. We love the Karemy family!"

-The Treakle Family


"I adopted my sweet Sombra in 2014 (Kodie/Panda) on my way to a new home in Montana.   I am convinced that love and caring is bred into each and every Karemy lab and it shows up from puppyhood. In December, after a particularly icy snowstorm I slipped on the sidewalk and was knocked unconscious very briefly. I awoke to four month old Sombra trying to revive me with warm, wet, licks on my face.  She now takes care of my 94 yr old mother and follows her wherever she goes. All I have to do is ask “Where’s Gramma?” and she takes me right to her. She is our guardian angel."

-The Vazquez Family

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We brought our first Karemy home on my mom’s birthday, December 2, 2009. Kody (Panda/Obie) was the most loving, caring, silly, and happy boy I’ve ever known. One of my very favorite things about Kody was his nursing abilities. When anyone had surgery, a major illness, or just feeling a bit under the weather Kody would be right there on the bed with us keeping watch. He’d climb up, check us over (give an assessment), then cuddle next to us, and there he would remain. He only left our side for necessary dog business, or if he needed to alert someone if something didn’t seem right to him. We called him our furse (furry nurse), and he was the best furse ever! Sadly we lost Kody suddenly in July, and I miss him every single day. However, as a birthday present my best friend/sister got in touch with Kathy to pick out a new special and amazing boy who happens to be Kody’s nephew on both sides. Auggie (Lotti/Gilly) is amazingly smart, silly, very happy, and pretty chill for a little guy. Thank you Kathy for my perfect boys! Also for being there to answer many questions, but especially when we adopted Jake on a whim and were going out of our minds. You talked us through the rough patch, and welcomed Jake into the Karemy family as if he was born into it.

-Shawn Wallen & Jennifer Holm


"We researched multiple breeders in our area before adopting a new lab and decided on Karemy Labs.  I have to say, it was the best decision ever!  When visiting the parents of our soon to be pup, we fell in love with Kodie, who was being retired.  We brought him home the same day (love at first sight) and he is now a loving member of our household (adjusting well to city life). We absolutely adore him.  We brought home our puppy Piper in April of 2019, who just happens to be Kodie's granddaughter. She is a smart, sweet, bundle of energy and slightly spoiled!  

Thank you so much for our two beautiful babies who bring us so much joy. By the way… Kathy is amazing.  She is very knowledgeable, supportive and loves her amazing dogs."

-The Bremgartner Family


"When we were first looking for a new four-legged family member we searched online and quickly found Karemy Labs and set up a visit.  It was obvious from the start that Karemy Labs were bred for quality and would be the perfect family pets, but also had the potential to be trained as therapy dogs.  We knew we had found the best breeder.  Not only is the quality of their Labs great but the Jackson family is exceptional!  Very knowledgeable, helpful and most of all very kind!  When we picked up Luna (Kodie/Eve 9/29/17) she was great from the start.  Luna is two years old now and she is the sweetest girl, so loving and good natured.  Our family was now complete … or so we thought! Luna needed a playmate, so along came Tank (Gilly/Lottie 8/4/19).  He is 4-1/2 months old now and such an exceptional boy.  Tank plays hard with Luna and thinks he is the boss but makes sure he is right next to Luna when it is nap time.  We are am so blessed with these two wonderful, intelligent, beautiful Labs! I am very thankful for the Jackson family and their breeding program.  Luna and Tank have made our family complete!"

-The Nitta Family

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"After our first visit onsite to learn more about Karemy Labs, we met Kathy and we knew we would get our family member from here. From the moment Lea, our lab, was born in May 2019, we were kept informed via email, and instagram and truly had the best experience throughout the process. The unexpected surprise is that we were offered to join an amazing Karemy family Facebook community which was so welcoming. My husband and I said, you can truly tell how much Karemy owners love their dogs. I know we made the right decision and looking forward to getting Lea another sister or brother in the next couple of years. Thank you Karemy family for all you do!!!"

-Ramona and Chris 

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Photos from our Karemys in their new homes!
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