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If you are 100% comfortable with a non-refundable deposit/picking order deposit that is required & to reserve a picking position or puppy till the pick up date. This fee is not refundable even if the puppy/dog is returned to us. This is to reserve a picking position, and can include 1 visit to meet the parents before birth, 2 puppy visits, and e-mail/phone customer support leading up to taking your puppy home and for the life of the dog. 


When a litter is born we work through the puppy picking list from the first deposit received through to the last received until all the puppies are adopted. If a puppy of the gender or color you requested is not in the litter, you stay on the list and we will send out an updated list to everyone still on the list as well as any upcoming litters that you might be interest in. 


The average litter size is 4-6 puppies. Pregnancy can't be confirmed till mom is about halfway through pregnancy. 


The deposit is 50% of the total adoption fee. If you are unsure of which litter then just assume the lowest adoption fee & we will settle up at pick-up. Balance is due at pick up. If you request Puppy Preschool(board and training),  50% of that fee is required before the training starts.


Leaving a picking position deposit (non-refundable deposit) options

1. Schedule a kennel visit and bring cash, check or use Venmo  (there is a $45 fee for PayPal credit and debit) We prefer cash or check.

2. Mail the deposit to me.

My address is below. Please let me know when it actually gets mailed and I will send you a receipt when it arrives. Picking position determined when the check is in my hand. We check the mail everyday.


Kathy Jackson

17101 Old Hwy 68

Siloam Springs, AR 72761


3. Use the Venmo button. There is a fee ($45) for using PayPal so we prefer cash, check or Venmo.


We know this is a serious commitment and encourage prospective families to carefully consider this decision before placing a deposit. If you have any concerns or question, we are available to discuss at any point during this process

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