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Karemy Labs Puppy Care

1. Puppy gets lots of individualized love & care. They are handled daily by our children, and we monitor their weight & development. 


2. They are wormed at least twice before being adopted.

3. They are given their first set of shots at 6 weeks.

4. Each puppy is micro-chipped with an AKC CAR microchip,  for their protection if they get lost.

5. They are evaluated for temperament, conformation, obedience, agility and hunting ability.


  • We use the Volhard puppy aptitude test to test their temperament.

  • We evaluate their confidence and boldness by seeing who will be the first to follow mom out of the whelping box.

  • We evaluate their conformation using Pat Hastings Puppy Puzzle & the LRC's Illustrated Standard .

  • We look to see who follows us around and is focused on people to evaluate obedience potential.

  • We test their agility by seeing how quickly and how well they can climb over a 2x4, a 2x6, & stairs.

  • Upon request, they are exposed to birds from 6 weeks on.  We evaluate their natural desire to focus on birds and retrieve drive.


6. We work with the puppies in a natural way to help transition to their new home.

A. We try to have puppies matched with their family by 4-6 weeks and encourage families to visit our home three times.

B. We also request that a towel/ blanket/ or piece of clothing are dropped off here before the puppy is 6 weeks old.

  • Our puppies are born in a den like environment which we call their whelping box or crate (our laundry room). We 
    ask that the families continue to provide the puppies with a den like environment or crate to aid preliminary house 
    training, to protect them from dangers and to encourage puppy manners when they go to their new homes.

  • The cloth and visits works with the puppy's natural sense of smell to communicate to them that your family is a part of 
    their pack. The first sense that they experience is smell which is 50-100 times stronger than ours.


7. Each puppy comes with a puppy packet.

-AKC Limited Registration
-AKC CAR  Microchip
-1 gallon bag of food (Royal Canin Labrador puppy formula)

 -Powdered probiotics/vitamins/cocci-guard for first week of life

-Health and development information
-Vaccination records
-NuVet Plus samples
-Puppy care info pamphlet
-Free sample of pet insurance   

8.Each puppy comes with a health guarantee against any OFA (hip & elbows) or CERF (CERF checked eye problems) genetic problems.  
9. We will gladly take our pups back at any time for any reason!!!


10. Life time Breeder support. I am just a phone call or  e-mail away to ask questions or share  fun moments with


We love our puppies very much, and are committed to them for life. See the puppy contract for more details.

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