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Puppies for Adoption

Adopting a Karemy puppy is not the normal puppy adoption experience.


We are very family focused and strive to be the kind of Kennel that cares about the puppies & families that come into our lives. Not only during the adoption process, but for the life of the puppy


Last updated 05/18/24

Adopting a puppy is a 12+ year commitment.


Our goal is to make the adoption process as smooth and stress free as possible for the puppies and the families that will be adopting them.


We do this by offering very personalized service and attention to details that you should expect from adopting a new family member.


That is why we offer 2 free days of boarding and 2 free training session at our home in Siloam Springs, Arkansas



To see our most recent and past litters, click the Instagram link icon or see the gallery below! This is where we post our most recent updates

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Available Puppies

3 Yellow males available for Adoption 

Lilly & Zeke (International Champion) 

Date of birth:  March 19

Take home Date: May 7-14

Adoption fee fee: $2000

Upcoming litters

Black & Yellow litter 

Parents: Felicity & Zeke

Projected date of birth Last week of June

Projected take home: August

Pregnancy not confirmed yet

Planned Summer breedings


Zoey & Sterling -(All Chocolate litter)

Vixie & Zeke -(All yellow litter)

Bambi & Angus (Black & Yellow litter)

Mom: Lilly
Mom: Felicity


We are accepting applications and deposits for approved applications at this time 

We only take 4 deposits per litter before the puppies are born, but after we can confirm pregnancy. We will post available puppies if there are any after the litters are born.

All future litters listed will be born in NW Arkansas, so please let us know ahead of time if you live out of state and are inquiring about a puppy.

There are a few shipping options for our out-of-state families...

1. Flying to NW Arkansas to pick up your puppy. We prefer our families to pick up their puppy personally and fly with them in cabin to their new home if at all possible. We also offer families the option to stay in our guest suite overnight if necessary. This gives you the chance to get acquainted with your new puppy before the flight and us a chance to get to know you! This option can also end up being cheaper in some cases than to ship the puppy. 

2. If you absolutely cannot fly to us, we can ship puppies. That fee is usually $800-$1000 depending on the airline and how many puppies we ship at a time. We only fly with Alaska Airlines, as they take the best care of our pups, and we work really hard to makes sure the puppies are on a direct flight. We have done our research and have spoken with pilots about flying puppies and have been reassured it is completely safe. We have only had positive experiences when we have flown puppies in the past.  


Routine for Adopting a Karemy Puppy
Karemy Puppy Care Procedure

Click below to see our typical adoption process and the steps to take if you are considering adopting one of our puppies. The second button is an outline of our puppy care from birth to take home.

Placing a Deposit

To hold a Karemy puppy or a  picking position​, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit. We highly encourage families to take their time when deciding whether or not to place a deposit. We recognize this is a big decision and we want you to feel confident in making it. More information about our deposits can be found on our Karemy Adoption page listed above.

Adoption fees range from $2000-$4000.

Please feel free to email us at any time during this process!

An approved application does not mean approval for placing a deposit. 

Please contact us before doing so to ensure deposit positions are available and that you have been approved to do so.

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