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It is our hope that we can stay in contact with all the families who adopt one of our puppies and the Facebook group is just one of the ways we do that! We also have our annual Lab-Reunion, calendar contest, and various meet-ups throughout the year.  So whether you go to every event or simply send pictures to us once a year, we'd love to stay in contact!

*This year's Karemy Reunion will be August 8th, 2020 at 11:30am, please contact us for more info*

Karemy's Annual Lab-Reunion!

Every summer, we host the Karemy Family Reunion. It's a great opportunity to come and see your pup's siblings, parents, cousins and their human family. We have a potluck and families are invited to bring toys for our raffle drawing at the end of the picnic.

Because of our move to NW Arkansas, we will eventually be having two reunions. Our WA reunion will continue to be held each summer and our AR reunion will begin spring of 2021 and will continue to be held every following spring. Karemy families are welcome to attend both, if they enjoy traveling, or just the one closest to where they live. 

When the time gets closer to the reunion, the event info is found on the Karemylabs Facebook event page, but if you have a Karemy puppy or will soon be adopting one and are not on FB, feel free to contact us for info.

Karemy Facebook Group

If you have a Facebook account, we highly recommend you join the group before you pick up your puppy. It is a private group composed of 600+ members who have all adopted from Karemy. It is a great place to share pictures or ask advice and if you've just joined, go ahead and say hello to everyone! We also share events on this page, such as information for our annual reunion. It's a very close-knit group in spite of its size. Because it is a private group, you will need permission to join. If you have any problems, shoot us an email and we can add you directly to it. 

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Karemy Reunion 2016
Karemy Reunion 2015
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