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Karemy's Ironside Labs


About 20 years ago, Karemy labs started as a home-based kennel to provide well-rounded, show-quality labs as family pets. In 2021, Ironside Labs started as an offshoot of the parent kennel. It is run out of the home of Kathy and Jeremy's son, Jonathan, with his wife, Jordan, and their daughter, Audrey. 

We at Ironside Labs had our first litter from our first girl, Daisy, in 2021. Like Karemy, we are based out of our home and our dogs are socialized to our other dogs, small children, close friends, cats, and other healthy dogs. 

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Daisy (National Champion)

Karemy's Our Lazy Daisy

Daisy was born October of 2018, adn was our first our first family dog. She graduated college with us, survived a year of apartment living, moved to the new property, and helped us build our house! She is our adventure dog, always up for exploring (especially if it involves water). 


Karemy's Lilypad

Lily was the second dog we added to our family, about a year after Daisy and right after we moved into the new property. She ended up being our "pandemic dog," moving in with us in January of 2020. She has a very gentle and sweet temperament, but can hold her own against roommates Daisy and Vixey. 

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