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The Karemy Adoption Experience
  • 20+ years of breeding experience

  • We encourage involvement from Pregancy through take home

  • We have produced 20+ IABCA champions/AKC obedience/AKC Agility titles and are continually active

  • AKC certified training 

  • We begin socialization from birth

  • We have mentored other kennels from backyard breeders, to reputable/professional breeders

  • We have diverse pedigrees, each one of our males is from a different kennel and different bloodlines to keep the gene pool diverse.

  • We offer lifetime support for our dogs and will ALWAYS take them back for any reason. 

  • We promote the education of the labrador

  • We have an ongoing support network with our FB group

  • Yearly reunion 

  • Yearly Inspections by the AKC (100% in-compliance rating)

  • Apart of the PSLRA since 2001

  • Produced 12+ TDI certified dogs

  • We encourage multiple visits to our home/webcam

  • Two free training/boarding

  • Thorough application process

  • Vulhard Puppy Aptitude test

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