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Karemy Labs' Application
Our puppies/ dogs are very precious to us and we are very specific about where they will spend the next 12+ years, which is why our application is as long as it is.
To reserve a puppy from Karemylabs or to come out for a kennel visit, we ask that you fill out this application. Thank you for taking the time to fill this out.
Color Preference
How flexible is your color/gender preference?I am set on my preference and I am not flexible at allI have a strong color/ gender preferenceI would prefer my color/gender, but I am open to discuss othersPretty flexible about my preferenceI don't care about color/gender, I just want a happy, healthy puppyHow flexible is your color/gender preference?
Reason for wanting a Labrador
Size Preference
Age Preference
When are you hoping to adopt?
Have you owned a dog in adulthood?
Are you or anyone living with you allergic to dogs?
Has your breeding experience included any mixed (non-purebred) breedings?
Who will care for the puppy/dog when you cannot? (vacation, business trip...)
Have you trained a puppy/dog before?
What are your training plans?
Is everyone in your household in agreement on getting a new puppy?
What is your Puppy Buying Budget?